Trick or treat?

Happy Halloween!🎃👻🍭

I must admit my boys are pretty excited that Halloween has finally arrived, although to be honest we don’t really celebrate it at our house. I’m not a big fan of door-knocking and asking for treats, it just seems a bit odd (?creepy!) if you ask me! However, the boys are literally bursting with excitement today so rather than let them down, they will be heading along all dressed up in their spooky best, to a local event.

No doubt there will be treats and candy, and that is so ok with me. I’m a big believer that ALL foods can be enjoyed and that having a healthy relationship with food, is just as important as healthy eating. That means we don’t ban any foods in our house, and Halloween treats are no exception! Tonight, the boys can eat their treats freely, without restriction or judgement. I’ll encourage them to eat mindfully and to listen to their bodies, to understand how it all makes them feel. Mr 6 has already declared this morning, that he’ll “only have one treat a day” because he wants to make his loot last as long as possible!

As best we can, we try to follow Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility (DOR) at home and this approach is what we use when it comes to our Halloween treats. Before heading off to their event, I’ll fill them up with a nutritious snack and when they get home, there’ll be more nutritious food (including some Halloween-inspired veggies; orange and green vegetables are so suited to this time of year!) served alongside their treats when they get home. I’ll leave it to the boys to determine how much and what they eat from the food provided - no judgement or interference from me. Over the upcoming days, any remaining treats will be only offered with meals or snacks.

Remember, some foods nourish our bodies and others our nourish soul, yet neither are good nor bad!

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