As an expert nutritionist and dietitian, Angela has been acting as a spokesperson providing nutrition comment in the media for over a decade. Angela regularly appears on the TV, including on TV 3's The AM Show, and she has given numerous media interviews (TV, online, print and radio), both here in New Zealand and overseas. Angela is an accomplished freelance nutrition and health writer, who has written an extensive range of articles on a wide range of topics. She is a regular feature writer for the Healthy Food Guide and was previously a monthly contributor to both the Good Health Choices and HealthWise magazines. 

Angela likes to simplify nutrition messages and make nutrition easy and uncomplicated. She is enthusiastic, down-to-earth and confident and she brings these traits with her to any show or publication.


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Being a well-respected nutritionist and dietitian, Angela has previously acted as a brand ambassador, influencer and nutrition spokesperson for a number of well-known brands. Whether it be working behind the scenes to help design your product or acting as the nutrition 'face' promoting your brand at launch, we are open to all opportunities that align with our nutrition philosophy.

Latest Media


Freelance Feature Writer


The New Zealand Herald

What foods should I be eating (Foodstuffs collaboration) - 18th February 2018

Superfoods or super fad? (Foodstuffs collaboration) - 10th February 2018


TV Guest Expert Appearances

The Cafe

Food and immunity (scroll to 43 mins) - 30th April 2019



Angela spoke with the team at Breakfast about whether of not trim milk or full fat is best for your health.

Whanau Living

Dietitian Angela Berrill joins Stacey in the kāuta where she makes two tasty and nutritious dishes: Healthy Fish Burgers and Mussel Fritters with a side salad on Whānau Living.


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