ACC dietitians

We help ACC clients on the road to recovery.  

Our dietitians, based in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington, provide nutrition support under various ACC contracts.

Find out how we can support the rehabilitation process…

Seminars & Workshops

Bring health into the workplace with our workshops. 

We will inspire and motivate your team to make positive, life-long changes, which will benefit them today and in the future. 

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Food Industry Consultants

Don’t get caught without an ABC Nutrition expert. 

We can help you with the development of health claims, product formulations, science reviews, collaborations and more.

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Nutrition Consultations

Whatever your nutrition question, we’ve got an expert team of qualified nutrition professionals who can give you right the answer for you.

Get inspired and motivated when you sit down with one of ABC Nutrition’s experienced and qualified dietitians or nutritionists.

Find out more about how our nutrition experts can help you and your health. Get started right with us.

Media & PR

With so much nutrition quackery out there you need someone to tell you the truth – quickly, coherently and reliably. 

Angela Berrill, ABC’s founder and director, is this trusted voice, media spokesperson and brand ambassador. 

Learn more about Angela’s media work and how she can help support your PR launch…



Latest news!

Angela spoke with the team at TVNZ 1 News on June 13th about the new Nike mannequins.

Angela spoke with the team at TVNZ 1 News on June 13th about the new Nike mannequins.

Angela spoke with the team at TVNZ 1 News on June 13th about the new Nike mannequins…

ABC Nutrition dietitian and director Angela Berrill told 1 NEWS she is in "full support" of the mannequins and hopes to see more brands and stores taking the direction.

"People come in all shapes and sizes and therefore mannequins and all advertising materials should reflect our diversity. 

"A person's body shape or size is not a reflection of their health - a person in a bigger body can be healthy, just as someone in a smaller body can be unhealthy."

Ms Berrill says advertising is often highly edited and photoshopped "nipping and tucking bodies, to fit some preconceived idea of what is normal or beautiful".

"These unrealistic images of body shapes and sizes are not reflections of reality, or in some instances even achievable or safe," she says.

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