Do you want to make the right start on your journey to wellness but don’t know where to begin?

Confused by all the conflicting nutrition information and diet advice?

We can help you find the right answer for you.


Nutrition Consultations

Whatever your nutrition question, our experienced and qualified team can help you find the right answer for you.

We can help you with healthy eating advice, weight concerns, women's health, gut health, IBS, the MAD diet and more.

Find your answer now.

Seminars & Workshops

Bring health into the workplace with our corporate wellness workshops. 

We will inspire and motivate your team to make positive, life-long changes, which will benefit them today and in the future. 

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Food Industry Consultants

Don’t get caught without an ABC nutrition expert. 

We can help you with the development of health claims, product formulations,  science reviews, collaborations and more.

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Menu Audits

Make your audit times a breeze. 

Our dietitians will take the stress out of audit times by providing menu review and support for your aged-care facility, rest home, ECE, café or catering company.

Find out how we can help you.                     

ACC dietitians

Our dietitians help ACC clients on the road to recovery.  

Our dietitians, based in Auckland and Wellington, provide support under the PMS, TI and SRNA ACC contracts.

Find out how we can support rehabilitation.


With so much nutrition quackery out there you need someone to tell you the truth – quickly, coherently and reliably. 

Angela Berrill, ABC’s founder and director is this trusted voice, media spokesperson and brand ambassador. 

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"Contact Angela or one of her team, it might even save your life!"

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