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Our team of uniquely qualified dietitians and nutritionists, have had 20+ years of combined experience working for and consulting to large multinational food companies around the globe. We've also had the pleasure of working with many smaller local and boutique manufacturers to help them get their products onto the shelves and into Kiwi's supermarket trollies.

During our time working with Food Industry, we have been instrumental players in numerous high profile product launches - meaning we know what works.

Our food industry consultants can assist your organisation in: 

  • Development of nutrition and/or health claims, for use on-pack or in marketing communications which are in line with food regulations.

  • Reformulation or formulation advice.

  • Food labelling.

  • Reviewing and interpreting the latest nutritional science to ensure your business is at the forefront of nutritional trends.

  • Translating nutritional science to a wide range of audiences - from GPs to the end consumer.

  • Completing science-based research and literature reviews for scientific substantiation and regulatory submissions.

  • Writing and reviewing copy for brochures, articles, websites, point-of-sale and resources.

  • Review and development of nutrition strategy and policy.

  • Development and presentation of tailor-made nutrition training programmes and seminars both internally (for marketing, technologists and sales staff) or externally, to Healthcare Professionals or the public.

  • Conducting a nutritional audit and benchmarking of your products with recommendations for future R&D and product re-formulation.

  • Development of brand nutritional guidelines for product development or reformulation.

  • Execution of events e.g. provision of Dietitians for trade exhibits at conferences.

  • Recipe development, including nutritional analysis and recipe make-overs.

  • Building relationships with key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals.

Let's collaborate

Being a well-respected dietitian, Angela has previously acted as a brand ambassador, influencer and nutrition spokesperson for a number of well-known brands. Whether it be working behind the scenes to help design your product or acting as the nutrition 'face' promoting your brand at launch, we are open to all opportunities that align with our nutrition philosophy.

What our clients say

Angela Berrill of ABC Nutrition, held the contracted position of Food and Nutrition Consultant with the Fresh Vegetable Product Group of Horticulture New Zealand. The Group has an established strategy vegetables.co.nz which accepts responsibility to promote NZ grown vegetable consumption through the elements of ‘Taste and Inspiration’ on behalf of the approx 2,800 commercial vegetable growers of NZ. Angelas skill set shone in the areas of strategic policy input, ability to present to differing audiences, resource production (excellent at distilling scientific reports to fit the end user) coupled with a strong ability to network, made her an excellent vegetable advocate. Her passion contributed greatly to the ongoing awareness of vegetables.co.nz.
— Matthew Spence, Business Manager, Horticulture New Zealand, www.vegetables.co.nz

Clients we have worked with include:

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