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Super food or super fad - do superfoods live up to the hype?

From super-berries to super-powders there always seems to be a new food with extra 'special' nutrition super powers that we all should be eating, and these foods often come with a hefty price tag. But are these superfoods all they are cracked up to be or are they a super fad?

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Reading Food Labels - how do you spot nutrition fact from fiction? Part 1

It's time to unlock the secrets of food labelling and on-pack claims and make it easy! Food labels can be extremely confusing so we’ve put together a simple guide explaining the key things to look at when comparing and purchasing products. Find out what nutritional information to look for, in part 1 of our two part series….

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Wellness bloggers - are they really nutrition 'experts' or just your average Joe blog?

With the internet being highly unregulated, you may well be turning to an average Joe Blog for nutrition advice rather than a qualified nutrition professional. So how do you spot the real experts amongst all the pseudo-science touting nutrition 'gurus'?

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