What are the healthier takeaway options?

Healthy Takeaway Options                      

Given most takeaway options are high in fat and sugar, and therefore in energy, regular consumption of these foods can lead to weight gain.

So, in an era where we tend to be time poor and often turn to takeaways and junk food out of convenience, what are the healthier options?

Healthier takeaway choices

  • Sushi – watch the tempura based varieties

  • Turkish kebab filled with lots of salad and a little hummus or yoghurt dressing – watch the mayo and koftas

  • Stir-fry meat/chicken/fish with lots of vegetables – rather than sweet n sour pork or other fried dishes e.g. pad thai

  • Vegetable or yoghurt based Indian dishes – avoid filled naans (e.g. garlic) and cream, butter or nut-based sauces

  • Salads – watch the dressings and added croutons or bacon bits as these can add a whole lot of energy!

  • Sandwich or filled roll with lots of salad on wholegrain bread – watch the butter, marg, cheese and mayo

  • Crumbed/grilled fish – instead of battered fish (or take the batter off, instead)

  • Thin crust pizza with lots of vegetables and minimal cheese – watch out for extra cheese, stuffed crusts and meat lovers varieties

  • Chunky cut fries rather than shoestring – but only have a small handful and watch the salt


Top Takeaway tips

  • Add lots of salad and vegetables to your meal home – aim to fill 1/2 your plate
    • The more colourful the better – make sure you have a rainbow of colours in your meal, and not just all brown and white
  • Choose foods which will fill you up - e.g contain some fibre (fruit,vegetables, wholegrains) and/or protein (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy or beans)
  • Avoid adding sauces – these can add extra fat, sugar and energy to your meal
  • Choose from the ‘healthy choice’ menu, if there is one available
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for something to be added or removed e.g. switching fries for a baked potato or salad
  • Watch your portions sizes – Remember you don’t have to eat all the food that is served up. Fill a small plate and then share the rest with a friend or simply discard any leftovers. You might also be able to ask for a 1/2 size portion
  • Experiment making your own healthy ‘take-away’ style meals at home – a grilled, lean meat patty on a wholegrain bun with lots of salad, is not only much tastier but also lower in fat the what you may get at many fast-food chains.