Angela Berrill

Dietitian / Owner / Director

BCApSc (Human Nutrition), BCom (Marketing Management), PGDipDiet, NZRD

A well-respected dietitian and nutrition expert, Angela Berrill is also a nutrition educator, accomplished speaker and presenter. As an expert nutritionist, Angela is passionate about educating the public on the importance of diet and is regularly called on to share her expertise and opinions by the media. Angela often appears on TV3's the AM Show and previously acted as the nutrition adviser and expert for TV3's Target. She uses her skills as a nutrition writer to contribute to a number of well-known publications and is often featured in the Healthy Food Guide. 

Angela holds Bachelors degrees in Human Nutrition and Marketing Management, from the University of Otago. After completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics in 2002, Angela worked as a weight-loss consultant before moving into the food industry. During her time in Industry, Angela used her dynamic qualifications to launch nutritionally focused products around the globe. Angela was instrumental in ensuring nutrition claim compliance under the FSANZ Food Standards Code and driving product reformulation, in-line with strict nutrition guidelines. She has had extensive experience writing nutrition and marketing communications and is able to think 'outside the box.' In 2008, Angela was up for a new challenge and she founded ABC Nutrition on the belief that good nutrition and eating well, should be easy and uncomplicated.  

Angela is passionate about health and nutrition, and believes in finding ways for people to enjoy food while also nurturing their bodies. Her philosophy is that, 

 "Healthy eating is more than simply eating healthy food. It is also about having a healthy relationship with food. By listening to our bodies and finding the right balance between our lifestyle and the food we eat, everything can be enjoyed in moderation."

Angela believes in finding that happy medium; by creating opportunities and solutions, rather than barriers, to overcome any challenges people may face. 

Today, Angela primarily focuses on managing the wonderful team at ABC Nutrition, her writing and media work, speaking engagements and being a proud mum to two active young boys - Jack and Will.

You can find out more about what Angela is up to on her website