Get bikini ready!

Weight loss tips for summer

Do your new year’s resolutions include getting healthy, fit or losing weight? If so, let’s get started now! We’ve come up with ten summer-specific tips to help you reach your goals.

 Start every day with breakfast. 

It kick starts your metabolism and helps preventing over-eating late in the day. No need for stodgy cooked breakfasts in the summer- fruit smoothies or muesli and yoghurt are delicious summer choices. Add some fresh berries for that something special.

Make the most of barbeques.

Cooking methods that use limited fats or oils are the best- these include grilling, baking and barbequing. Just be careful not to char your meat too much.

Get creative

Sick of the BBQ? Try making home-made pita pizzas for dinner. 

  • Cut a pita bread in half, spread with tomato paste and then pile with your favourite fresh vegies. Sprinkle with feta cheese and grill. This is quick and easy and a great way to use up leftover vegies and meat. Serve with a salad.

Get into salads for lunch.

A good way to incorporate some protein and carbohydrate is to include some canned beans or chickpeas (drained). They also add a lovely nutty texture. Try to avoid creamy salad dressings- instead choose a vinaigrette or drizzle of lemon juice.

Keep hydrated. 

Have a drink bottle of water with you at all times. Often we mistake thirst for hunger. Add some lemon slices to your drink bottle for a citrusy zing.

Enjoy summer fruit.

Summer is the season of beautiful fruit. Make the most of berries, melons and stone fruits while they’re available. Fruit salads and platters are excellent for desserts and entertaining too!  

  • Choose fruit-based ice blocks instead of ice creams. They are lower in flat and more hydrating. You can even make your own by freezing your favourite fruit juice.

Celebrate seafood.

Fish and seafood is low in saturated fat (the bad one) so is a healthier alternative to fattier meats such as sausages, chops and mince. Season the fish/seafood of your choice, wrap in tinfoil and cook on a medium BBQ.

Watch the alcohol.

If drinking alcohol alternate each glass with a glass of water and add lots of ice. Ice makes you less likely to drink as fast and it also displaces some of the drink’s calories.

Get active outside. 

The days are longer and the temperature is warmer. Make the most of it by walking instead of driving, swimming at the beach or playing some backyard cricket with the family.