Anna Keeley

Dietitian and nutrition consultant

BCApSc (Human Nutrition), PGDipDiet, NZRD


Anna Keeley is a qualified New Zealand Registered Dietitian with over 20 years experience.  She has a Bachelor of Consumer Applied Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics.  She has a wide range of experience including working as a Clinical Dietitian, working within the Food Industry at a management level, specialising in medical nutrition support and now working as a Consultant Dietitian. 

As a consultant Anna provides support and education to aged care facilities, advises and provides the latest research to Food Industry, as well as providing nutrition consultations to corporate clients, groups and individuals.  Anna is also a specialist in the area of Ketogenic (Modified Atkins) Diets for the management of epileptic seizures and she sees a number of clients of all ages for help in this area. 

Anna works with her clients to help with weight management, provides nutrition support for bariatric surgery and long term weight maintenance and is experienced with using the Optifast programme.  She works with clients with the FODMAP diet for IBS, and provides nutrition support to older adults. Her sensible, realistic approach means her clients can reach their health and weight goals and sustain them for the long-term.

Anna is passionate about nutrition and wellness and loves to work with her clients to support, motivate and educate on a healthy lifestyle and sustainable eating patterns.  She truly believes healthy eating will enhance mind, body and spirit allowing each person to reach their fullest potential.

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